Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Google is God

That's what my son says.

On a trip to Italy 4 or 5 years ago, I saw a wonderful T-shirt -- a painting of Dante spying Beatrice for the first time. I thought: Next time I see it for sale, I'll buy it. I never saw it again during my trip.

Every time a friend goes to Italy, I say: Bring me back that T-shirt! Pat, Kathy, Mary, et al.

Mary just came back from Italy. No Dante-Beatrice T-shirt.

Then it finally occurred to me...

I Googled Dante Beatrice T-shirt.

Guess who's getting the T-shirt in a few days???

My son is right.

I was copyediting a ms the other day. Is Staphyloccocus capitalized? Is it spelled Myanmar? Is the spelling Ukranian acceptable? Did Claire Boothe Luce say that some men say that a situation is hopeless when only the men are hopeless?

What did we do before Google came along?

Now I'll check whether Beatrice is pronounced Beat-trice or Be-A=tri-che.

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