Monday, June 23, 2008

Dixie Rainwater

Whenever we graduates of Memorial High School in WNY, NJ, get together, we tend to talk about

1. Miss Luckings, our classy Latin teacher
2. Joe Coviello, the coach who managed our terrific football team in the 1950s.

When graduates of Public School No 6 in West New York get together, we tend to talk about

Dixie Rainwater.

Stunningly beautiful Indian girl.
Blue eyes, black hair, gorgeous skin.
Always in trouble.
Very unhappy family life.
Left school early, was working as an entertainer in a nightclub, died young--perhaps from drugs. Perhaps in her late teens.

My brother Roger told me: She is really beautiful.
So, being a jerk (and age 8 or so), I told Dixie.
She wanted to meet Roger.
Roger was so embarrassed that I had told her!
But she smiled a million-dollar smile.

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