Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Damn Subaru!

My damn Subaru (Forester 2003) keeps racing!
Not all the time—but maybe 10% of the time.

When I’m driving, the car wants to go faster. I have to apply the brake—hard. When I’m at a stop, I have to put the car into neutral. BROOM! BROOM! the car goes. Other drivers look around.

It’s as if something is being burned up. When it’s burned up, the car behaves normally.

I’ve brought the car over to a local Subaru dealer four times. Each time, the car behaved. Even when I took it out for a spin with a mechanic. The mechanics can’t find anything wrong. They’ve cleaned the carburetor. They’ve looked and looked.

But driving the car has gotten to be worrisome.
Can anyone help?


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