Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial High Mini-Reunion

Memorial High Mini-Reunion
May 29, 2008

Four graduates of Memorial High in WNY, NJ, got together for lunch today, in Teaneck, and we reminisced—about students, teachers, and Memorial—but the main subject of conversation was probably…

Alice P. Luckings

Latin teacher extraordinaire

Elegant, classy, kind, considerate.

Alice (’50) actually wrote a panagyric about Miss L., published in a local newspaper, and we learned that someone had actually sent it to Miss L—the kind of letter every teacher dreams of receiving.

Gert (’32) remembered Miss L. when she had dark hair! Others (Helene ’46) remembered her with grey hair. She was one of those teachers who seemed to like everyone—even me (Warren ’52), at my most obnoxious.
I was told, a while back, that she died not long ago, at age 99.

Other teachers mentioned: Miss O’Connor, Miss Griscom, Max Cohen, Roz Socol (in an old-age home), Miss Hubert, Miss Godfrey, Miss Halfpenny, Geo Delamater, Miss Bader, Mr. Roop, Mr. Krause, Mr. Sotong. Also mention of Ruth Horowitz, the extraordinary woman who taught at PS 6. Principals Borneman, Richmond (Richman?).

Why was Memorial such a good school? One guess: Teachers were hired during the Depression, when even bright, well-educated people had a hard time finding jobs. Or, as Will Rogers said, a lot of people who don’t say ain’t ain’t eating.

We’ve decided to have more meetings of Memorial grads—and bring our yearbooks next time!

We need a name. Any suggestions?

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