Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A fantasy: I've been invited to resume writing financial columns for the Daily Record. (I quit after the new editor, Flachsenhaar, killed my column because he thought too many people identified me with the newspaper.)

I'd think about it--and say no. Or maybe write just one column a week instead of three.

Forced to occupy my time in other ways, I see friends more less financial stuff (books, newspapers) and read more general stuff, mostly about singing (eg, a book about Verdi)....I started a movie club, took over a music club, giving a course on singers, running a course imitating one-day university...

A more balanced life--and who knew I was so music-oriented? OK, in high school, I took the Kudor preference test & was informed that I should be a music critic!...

As a friend once told me, a door doesn't close without a window's opening--not always true, of course--but if you're in a locked room and a window proves can be a blessing.

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