Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I bought a CD of Lotte Lehmann giving singing lessons in 1961--at the age of 73--sort of singing the Marshallin's monologue from Rosenkavalier--screeching, she called it--(Strauss said she was the best Marshallin)

Then I found a performance she gave when she was young!

On Thurs, in a vocal music course I teach, I'll play the film, then the magical performance she gave 40 years before--


I'm excited about giving a talk about contraltos--today I heard Clara Butt--wow! an English woman 6 feet 2 with a powerful voice--what other great contraltos have there been? Louise Homer, Schumann-Heink, Podnes, Anderson...
and my favorite, Kathleen Ferrier--

Here's a list from Wikipedia--

Marietta Alboni (1826–1894)
Marian Anderson (1897–1993)
Irina Arkhipova (1925–)
Eula Beal (1919–2008)
Marianne Brandt (1842–1921)
Muriel Brunskill (1899–1980)
Clara Butt (1872–1936)
Lili Chookasian (1921–)
Belle Cole (1845–1905)
Kathleen Ferrier (1912–1953)
Maureen Forrester (1930–)
Louise Homer (1871–1947)
Gisela Litz (1922–)
Louise Kirkby Lunn (1873–1930)
Sigrid Onegin (1889–1943)
Ewa Podleś (1952–)
Marie Powers (1902–1973)
Ernestine Schumann-Heink (1861–1936)
Annice Sidwells (1902–2001)
Nathalie Stutzmann (1965–)
Vittoria Tesi (1700–1775)