Saturday, June 06, 2009

Keeping Busy

I've arranged to teach courses on old singers at the YJCC in Washington Township, William Patterson University, the Institute of New Dimensions, and the Senior Center in Midland Park. Perhaps also, in the fall, at the County College of Morris. Also, a class on Puccini for a private group. I'll also be giving a talk on the music of Mendelssohn at the social club I belong to--a subject I have to research.

I'm writing an article on Wagner and anti-semitism. And a profile of Bill Lippman, a money manager for Franklin group.

When I have time, I'll finish writing a short book on how to invest--and try to circulate it as an e-book.

I'm not looking forward to fall and cold weather, but I AM looking forward to teaching these classes.

Books I'm reading: biographies of Puccini and Wagner; a biography of Adelina Patti.

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