Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anti-Semitism in the Woodstock Times

Happily, there have been no letters recently in the Woodstock Times from anti-Semites castigating Israel. So I was freed from any duty of responding to these letters.

A problem is that the editor of the Woodstock Times treats these letter-writers as if they were ladies and gentlemen.

They are not.

They are cockroaches.

They don't want a compromise, they don't want a two-star solution.

The want the end of Israel.

It is their version of a new Final Solution.

The paper's editor won't let me call these people neo-Nazis. When I wrote that one letter-writer was "stupid" for suggesting that Einstein would be opposed to the State of Israel, the editor changed my word to "naive."

I believe that anti-Semites should not just be refuted, but humiliated.

I'll shortly be publishing the names of some of these cockroaches.

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