Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recent thoughts...

I fired someone recently--and I get pleasure every time I think about it--details to come--

The Killing: the acting is on a higher level than you see elsewhere--the father, the mother, and the kids are amazing--

I really hated Wagner's Die Walkuere--why did I think I would enjoy it? Why does anyone enjoy it?

I recently won 3 awards from NJ Society of Professional Journalists--Daily Record, my former employer, won none--I'm still fuming that the new editor, Flachsennar, forced me out...because he was jealous of my leading role at the paper--

I have to give a talk tomorrow on 5 famous pianists--too many! I spent so much time on it!--tonight i'll try to organize my talk better--

I miss the Good Wife--

Damn it, I should finish writing my ebook on investing!