Friday, January 06, 2006

Someone I admire

Jim Hughes, dean of the Bloustein School at Rutgers, is a prolific author and a fine speaker. Among other things, he has a nice sense of humor.

There are three types of NJ economists. One can count, and one cannot count.

Many people want Mercedes Benz services at Kia prices.

When someone told Hughes he was sad to be getting old, Hughes reassured him that he still had romance, mystery, and... "a lot of other great things to read about."

At our newspaper, we quote him all the time. For good reason. He always returns phone calls promptly, and gives intelligent responses.

Years ago, at Money magazine, we often quoted Pearl Meyer--I think that was her name, a career counselor. So smart! Then word came down: Stop quoting her so much!

At Medical World News, the person we quoted a lot was Michael Baden, deputy medical examiner. Enthusiastic, smart, well-informed, opinionated.

Then an MWN reporter happened to be with Baden when a phone call came from another MWN reporter. First reporter told the second later on: Baden had just been cutting up a cadaver. He was covered with blood! He got blood on the phone he was using to talk to you!"

For a short time, we reporters stopped phoning him.

A very short time.

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