Friday, February 03, 2006

Roe vs Wade

With Alito on the Supreme Court, freedom of choice is doomed--

I feel very strongly on this subject--among other reasons, I once helped Sheri Finkbine's husband write an article, "The Hate Mail of Sheri Finkbine"--she was a TV personality in Arizona who took Thalidomide and wanted an abortion--she went to Scandinvia--

The horrible letters she received!

And the poignant letters from cripples--saying...

Don't bring a cripple into the world--

I felt so sorry for one, I almost wrote to her--

I should have--she probably wouldn't have answered--but I should have made the effort--

I once saw a disfigured young woman (auto accident?) playing tennis in Fort Lee, and I tried to get her to agree to play tennis sometime with me--I gave her my card--but she never called--

Fact magazine ran an article, How a Middle-Class American Housewife Gets an Abortion--in the 1960s--

One of these days, I'll put it on this blog--

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