Monday, March 27, 2006


Regina Resnik--in her 80s, what a keen mind, what a tenacious memory!-- I knew them all, she said about other opera singers--she sang with Bjoerling (the silver voice, she called him)--she met Rethberg--she sang with Lawrence Tibbett!--she remembered Laurel Hurley, whom I once interviewed--"very sweet"--about Maria Callas, she said she had trouble fulfilling the image she wanted to project of herself--(I'm no Callas fan)--

A readiness to contradict--my mother said she had gone to the Met as a schoolgirl to hear Caruso--but Caruso died in 1919, said RR, so it may have been Gigli--hmmm--

RR has a good command of language--Caruso, a onetime baritone, had a "fat" voice, and no one else ever has been so blessed--

She should write her autobiography, I told her--get up in the morning, dictate for an hour into a tape recorder-- she's too busy--

Maybe she'll do it in the summer--

She said she'd send me a disk of her singng, showing the darkening of her voice--I hope she does! -- (she switched from soprano to mezzo)--

I'll post the article I write--

A memorable interview!