Monday, January 22, 2007

The Chairman Meow

In the pantheon of Great Pussycats I have known--Hanucat, Joe, Super, the Beast--the Chairman Meow, to my mind, does not belong.

But he's interesting. He meows to go out--into the cold. A few ninutes later, he meows to come back in. Meow. Back out. Meow. Back in.

When I was a toddler, I was told that there was a snapping turtle in the yard and I should beware. I went out into the yard. Saw this interesting rock. And it bit me! Why hadn't I remembered, I asked myself.

It happened again! Beware the snapping turtle. It bit me again!

I had a poor short-term memory. Like the Chairman. He doesn't remember how cold it is out.

My short-term memory is weakening again, now that I have gotten so old. Example: I took notes on a recent conversation. A few minues later, I looked at my notes. They didn't do much to remind me of what the person had said.

And these days I'm not sure whether I told someone something already -- and am repeating myself.

Meow, meow.

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