Saturday, January 20, 2007


We were talking about the assassination over lunch today--some old geezers and me.

A urologist performed the autopsy. He had some interest and experience in the subject. But he was no medical examiner. Another doctor, writing in a medical magazine, said that the only reason why a urologist shuold have performed the autopsy was if Lee Harvey Oswald had urinated upon President Kennedy from the 34th floor of the school book depository building.

Naturally, the other fellows tended to believe that there had been a conspiracy. Johnson? The Commies?

At Fact magazine, we published a long article arguing that Oswald had done it alone--followed by comments, pro and con, from celebrities. I had wanted to write a book about the premature deaths of famous people and the rumors they inpsired, but never found a publisher.

What happened when an elephant walked into the Dallas police station? Nothing. The cops didn't see it.

Mrs. Oswald, the mother of the creep, said that she had always thought that Kennedy and Governor Connolly had gotten into a fight in the car and had shot each other.

She called herself A Mother in History. And claimed that her son was innocent. But on one occasion, she said that she had never denied that her son had killed the President. "I never said he was perfect."

The geezers suspected that Jack Ruby, who had shot and killed Oswald, had been part of the conspiracy. I mentioned that Melvin Belli, Ruby's lawyer, had told me that he was insane--and tried to electrocute himself by putting his finger into an electrical socket. (Belli was a colorful guy--determined to be colorful.)

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