Sunday, January 21, 2007

G. Legman

He wrote letters in a stylish script--attention-getting. And what he wrote was so interesting--all about sex and psychoanalysis. He edited a periodical called Neurotica; published a huge tome about limericks--unexpurgated. Despite all the sex, his publications seemed scholarly. Lived in France. Very intriguing person.

At Fact, we asked him to write something. The most erotic books ever written? I'll have to check.

We bowdlerized what he wrote. Without his permission. The publisher, Ralph Ginzburg, was in trouble with the law and his lawyers told him: Be careful.

G (for Gershon) came to our office in NYC! A bit corpulent. He patted his belly and told of living well. Very effusive person. In good spirits. Among other thing, said that his girlfriend had suggested that he leave his tongue to the British Museum. He read back issues of Fact--was astonished and impressed that we had printed Mark Twain's essay on onanism. And then he saw his own article--and he hit the ceiling. We had censored him! He had never been censored! "I have balls all over me!"

I explained the reason, and he called down--and became friendly and warm again.

I've never forgotten that line: "I have balls all over me!"

Is he profiled in Wikipedia? I'll check.

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