Sunday, February 04, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine

I loved it when I first saw it. Almost perfect. But I didn't like the ending--the little girl doing a burlesque bit. Would her grandfather had allowed her to be embarrassed like that?

On second viewing: a bit thin. But the characters held up. The angry wife. The extreme teenager. The immature Proust scholar. The uninhibited grandfather. I knew the film was going to be unusual when Arkin says, at the beginning of the movie, Fucking chicken for dinner again?

An alternate ending: The family members run off with the Little Miss Sunshine trophy!
I laughed. But...I guess I have to agree. It was funny, but it was also theft.

The villains in the movie were two women: a hospital official, a contest official. The contest official gave an especially fine performance. I really hated her!

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