Friday, February 02, 2007

An Outrageous Movie

"Thank You for Smoking" winds up with the contemptible, amoral tobacco-lobbyist carrying the day. Asked if he would let his son take up smoking at age, he says that if his son wanted to, he would buy him a pack.

We are supposed to admire him for this answer?

And if his son wanted to kill himself, he would have brought him a knife?


The lobbyist uses tricky, sleazy arguments to defend the tobacco industry. Doesn't eating cheese kill people, too, by raising their cholesterol levels? I wonder: Is anyone who watches this film stupid enough to see that any link between cheese and death is tenuous, while the link between smoking tobacco and death is powerful?

I see a connection between the philosophy of selfishness and do-whatedver-you-like in order to pay the mortgage, advocated in this film, and the conscience-less administration in Washington.

Why didn't you serve in Vietnam, Mr. Cheney?
I had better things to do.

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