Saturday, September 15, 2007


A Shocking Event

Thomas Aikenhead: Read about him in a book on Scotland—truly shocking—18-19 years old, clever, funny, given to making outrageous remarks—in 1696--hanged for blasphemy!—what a loss, those descendents he might have had! Skeptical, smart—an eternal rebuke to fanaticism—like Joan of Arc—there should be a play or movie about his life—

Classy Restaurant

In a short time span, I’ve walked out of three restaurants … because it took so long for the waiters to bring our food. Other diners were served before us, even when they had come in much later. Felt righteous about it, but now—I can’t go back there anymore.
Last night, dined at New World Cooking in Woodstock. Waited and waited.
Then a waitress and a cook came over, apologized (problem with the rice), and gave us free appetizers!
Some people know what the right thing to do is.
But…the food is very spicy!

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