Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today I resigned--last employment job I'll ever have--makes me face up to my advanced age--

I'm still shocked, angry, that my financial column was killed--I still read other papers, read magazines, look at books, looking for fresh story ideas--

I'm vengeful, too--I don't have to worry about burning bridges behind me-

As I told someone today, I worked very hard--I went to sleep every night thinking of columns to write--my identity was: syndicated financial columnist--propped up my self-esteem--

To me, being retired is something a bit shameful--

But,,,maybe living well really is the best revenge--

exercising dining out reading tennis writing stuff for myself--

I'm thinking of organizing a farewell party for myself--just inviting a few people to lunch--Kathy Pat Pat Sally

I think that before one retires, one does everything very very quickly--so as not to be overwhelmed--and when one retires, one has more time to do things--more carefully--at a less breakneck pace--assuming that I have retired and don't do freelance work--

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