Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Comments on Hail & Farewell

Hello Warren,
Enjoyed reading your blog but was sorry to learn that you are no longer with us. The Daily Record has lost an element of credibility and class. Enjoy living well - it is the best revenge - and pity those that do not know how to do so!


I give you a standing ovation for your honesty (regarding the people at DR). You are a hard working reporter (we worked together) and were passionate about what you covered. I'm sorry this has happened to you. Keep the faith. What comes around goes around. Someday it will all catch up with them. By the way..you really nailed it by saying ..they are pathologically status conscious...
all the best to you,

Sorry to see you go and you are mostly right on about the DR.
However, I think you exaggerate in spots about some of those who you skewer. And, an objective reading of your comments tells me you, too, are preening and quite full of yourself. We all have our strengths and are all trying to make the DR the best paper it can be, at least I hope we are.


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