Friday, September 21, 2007

Deathless Poetry & Prose



Hickory dickery Dow,
What are we gonna do now.
Our biz whiz is leaving
the markets are heaving,
and Warren Buffett is grieving.

Wall St. is crumbling and
Jim Cramer’s mumbling:
Your advice was so humbling

So we all we can do
Is say we’ll miss you
And bye the way honey
Thanks for the tips on money.

Top 10 Things that Warren Boroson has contributed to the Daily Record:

Possibly from KS

10. Improving our palettes, by inviting us to lunch and organizing the
Global Gourmets dining group.
9. Humor, in the newsroom and the newspaper, by telling jokes, no matter how
old they were.
8. Financial knowledge, including lobbying Gannett for better choices in our
7. General knowledge, which he was willing to share with anyone who asked.
6. Making the Daily Record a multi-platform information center, by recording
90 podcasts of his column in the past year.
5. Hard work, including writing a multipart series on a financial topic,
using Real People, every year as well as regular reports on local home prices
and the state of the economy and stock markets.
4. Writing for every section of the paper, including news, sports, features,
even an opera review directly for the Web site.
3. Boosting the paper’s reputation in Gannett, by contributing one column a
week to Gannett News Service.
2. Boosting community goodwill for the paper by organizing forums on
financial topics with Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
1. Actually bringing money – yes, cash – to the paper with funds raised at
the forums and donated to the Newspapers in Education program.

Warren, we are very sorry to see you go. We wish you all the best. Stay in

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