Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Great Singers of a Bygone Era

I've gotten the go ahead to teach a course on great, almost forgotten singers of the past--and I'm excited. I don't know that much about singing, but I've been an opera lover for a long time, and I love the singers of yesteryear--like Elisabeth Rethberg.
Course will be five sessions at the Institute of New Dimensions in Paramus.

I'll feature 5 main people and 5 others--

Richard Crooks, Elisabeth Rethberg, Paul Robeson, Conchita Supervia, Lawrence Tibbett.

Along with Rosa Ponselle, Titto Gobbi, Ruth Etting (popular, I know, but her voice is so charming!), John McCormack, and a variety of others.

Not necessarily the best singers--no Bjoerling, for instance--but favorites of mine who deserve more recognition.

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