Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kill Bill 2

An arresting film. I saw part of it the other night--again.
Puzzling why it's so mesmerizing. The actress is mesmerizing. Athletic. Good-looking, unusual-looking, with her long, narrow face.
The photography is arresting. Colorful, simple.
Well acted.
A super comic book, as someone said.
Our heroine is dumped into a coffin, which is nailed shut. Coffin is inside grave, Dirt is then shoveled onto the coffin. Her hands and feet are, by the way, tied up.
She manages to get her boots off, as well as the belts binding her feet.. She had a knife in her boot--and manages to get to the knife, and cut the ropes on her hands. (Why isn't she suffocating?)
Question: Why did her tormentor give her a flashllight? We need it to see what she does, of course.
Well, how else would she get a big flashlight?
A mistake in the writing. But perhaps unavoidable.

Bill, played by David Carradine, is talking and talking. And making a sandwich, using a great big knife and a cutting board. It's interesting. Very carefully made sandwich. I guess, just listening to someone talking is undesirable, and watching a sandwich being made distracts you a bit.

Very clever film. I don't know if any critic has properly analyzed its appeal. I'm still puzzled.

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