Monday, March 30, 2009

Opera Singer Meets Midget

On one occasion Florence Easton was engaged to sing the title role in Madama Butterfly in Washington, D.C., a place celebrated for the strictest child labor laws of any city in the country. The child ‘Trouble’ (Butterfly's son who appears only in the last act), is always recruited locally, and a resourceful stage manager from somewhere produced a midget. Nobody told Mme. Easton, lest she be a bit squeamish. It is customary for the child playing Trouble to be introduced to the soprano at the first intermission to get him (more often her) accustomed to the Japanese costume and makeup. Mme. Easton asked the traditional three questions:
"Would you like to go to the bathroom?" - "No".
"Would you like some chocolate?" - "No".
"How old are you?" - "Forty two" the little fellow piped up.

But this was nothing to Easton¹s confusion in the last act. When she pressed him to her ample bosom he didn¹t want to let go.

From Wikipedia's entry on Florence Easton

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