Sunday, June 14, 2009


A huge disappointment. I didn't know that my "friends" were so boring, so full of themselves, so trivia-minded.

It's raining.
Getting root canal today.
A good new band.

They don't read, they don't comment on news events, they're uncultured.

If we met in person, I could change the subject. Or walk away.

I was too uncritical in "choosing" my friends. One was someone I had once interviewed for a newspaper article--because she was so poverty-stricken.

And some people go on and on! People I barely know. There's one person I no longer have anything to do with--since she sailed into me for criticizing that muttonhead, Sarah Pailin. How do I get rid of her--my former friend?

I should have been more choosey of my friends.

I wish I could start again--just choosing intelligent people like Miriam, Shoshana, and the like.

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