Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Women Are Horrors

Carol is married to an old friend of mine.
We used to play bridge together--she and her husband, me, and a friend of mine.
Then I discovered that Carol was cheating. When she was my partner, she would deliberately lose--so her husband would win!
When I mentioned my suspicion to my partner, she said, Carol ALWAYS does that.

So I stopped playing bridge with them. And my friendship with Carol's husband ended.


I was in Nyack, in a bookstore with an old friend of mine, Suzanne.

Carol came in.

Why are you in Nyack? she asked.

I explained: Suzanne lives in Chappaqua, I live in Hackensack, and this is equidistant. So we meet here occasionally.

Bt she kept demanding an explanation.

Later I figured out that she was loudly implying that this was an assignation.

What a horror she is.

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