Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Medical Economics

Thinking about the magazine for doctors, where I once (actually, twice) worked--

I met some terrific people there--Tom Bentz, the late Al Vogl, Jo
Dempsey-- There's an alumni group I've joined, and I want to invite others to join--Jeff Burger, Jane See White, Kathy Drake--

I remember the contests I ran via computer--do sharks lay eggs?

The time I was supposed to have a footrace with a touing woman who hadbeen on thetrack team in her school--Rick Ballad told me, it was the dumbest thing I ever did--until he saw me run!

I remember the DO--the demented one--

Paul Giddings telling me: Don't make --- any nuttier than he already is.

That amazing editor, the late R. Craigin Lewis--

Good people, bad people--

Where is Paul Giddings? I admired him-- and Jo Dempsey--

Jo and I had a bet, and I won--she was to buy me lunch in the cafeteria--I went there in the AM and changed the menu on the wall to offer Lobster...$25-- so, with Jo nexto me, I ordered the lobster--she stared at the menu in utter shock--

Nell Hartagensis: She was cold, sitting in the cafeteria--I took off my jacket and put it around her shoulders--someone from the kitchen came out and told me I had to wear my jacket-- I explained-- person said she'd take care of it, went to kitchen, came back with kitchen towels--which she draped over Nell's shoulders--
So people came in and kept asking Nell, why those towels? She couldn't answer, she was laughing so hard--