Tuesday, August 04, 2009

letter defending Israel

In Defense of Israel

The anti-Israel letter from William De Voe of Woodstock (July 30) puzzles me. Has he given up reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Has his subscription to Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent lapsed? Hasn’t he been able to translate Das Judenthum in der Musik?
I mean, using that wacko and weirdo “Jewish Voice for Peace” as a source for criticizing Israel! This is the nutty anti-Semitic group that claimed that Jews had never lived in the Holy Land, and that the First Temple and the Exodus from Egypt were myths. This is the group that has aligned itself with the American Nazi Party and a group that supports Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules Gaza.
Lee Kaplan, an investigative journalist, reports that Cecilie Surasky of Voice for Peace has been outted as a shill for anti-Semites and pro-Nazis.
As for our favorite schmuck, Bill Campion of Mt. Tremper, he writes and rants about how Israel “mercilessly” slaughtered Palestinians in Gaza. Doesn’t Campion know that it’s not nice to fire thousands of rockets from Gaza into cities in southern Israel? That the Israeli government was obliged to finally do something to defend its citizens? That the Israeli army warned the people of Gaza before the attack, but during the attack the Hamas terrorists used civilians as human shields? Anyway, since that well-warranted attack, there have been far fewer rockets launched into Israel. And now maybe the poor, suffering citizens of Gaza will vote Hamas out of office – and get on with the business of creating a viable state.
I wonder why Campion doesn’t rant and rave against such anti-democracies as North Korea…Iran…and Saudi Arabia. Could it be…is it possible…that he simply hates Jews?
Anyway, Israel has had Arabs in its Knesset and Arabs on its Supreme Court. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that "Arab Israelis are citizens of Israel with equal rights" and that "The only legal distinction between Arab and Jewish citizens is not one of rights, but rather of civic duty. Since Israel's establishment, Arab citizens have been exempted from compulsory service in the Israel Defense Forces ."
I’ve been to Israel and have never witnessed any discrimination against non-Jews.
And, honestly, Campion, we Jews have never used the blood of Christian children to make matzoh. And, although it may come as a revelation to you, Alfred Dreyfus was innocent.

Warren Boroson
Chairman, Peace in the Mideast

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