Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Confessions (1 and 2)

Rarely do I reveal anything embarrassing about myself on this blog. What if my enemies saw it? But today will be an exception.

I was watching a tennis match on TV yesterday—-Kim, blonde, white, somewhat pretty—against Li, brunette, Asian, not so pretty. With some surprise, I found myself immediately rooting for Kim. And I consider myself enlightened! So…I’m prejudiced. But I don't know if I favor good-looking people--blondes--or whites.

Another confession. I went to open an account with Chas Schwab and I was given an appointment with Mr..... A very ethnic name. I skipped the appointment. Not just because of the ethnicity of the name, but because...I don’t associate that particular name with someone smart and conscientious.

I told someone whom I admire a lot about this lapse on my part. She said she would have done the same thing!

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