Sunday, July 02, 2006

More Nice Quotes

A matter of faith

No, I don't understand my husband's theory of relativity, but I know my husband, and I know he can be trusted.--Elsa Einstein

Who said it?

I'd have given 10 conversations with Einstein for a first meeting with a pretty chorus girl. -- Albert Camus

On the other hand...

The fact that a woman has rregular features does not improve her conversation.--Henry David Thoreau

On Brad Pitt

Nothing is more telling of one's age than who they think is glamorous. So, to me, Cary Grant looks like a movie star, Paul Newman looks like a movie star, Warren Beatty looks like a movie star. But Brad Pitt, to be perfectly honest, looks like a trick.--Fran Leibowitz

There will always be an England...

Of course they have, or I wouldn't be sitting here talking to someone like you.--Barbara Cartland, an English lady, replying to an reporter who asked her whether class barriers in England had broken down

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