Thursday, December 20, 2007

Opera Buffs

Reading and listening to old opera singers--because of a course I'm giving--
What an incredible number of great singers there have been! Pol Plancon! Absolutely great. And I had never heard of him--and had never appreciated Titta Ruffo--
Comments on YouTube's old recordings come from very sophisticated people, who mention other singers I knew little about.
I could do a course just on wonderful recordings made in the year 1907!

Tullio Sarafin, the conductor, said there were 3 exceptional singers: Rose Ponselle, Caruso, and...Titta Ruffo.

To me, Jussi Bjoerling is still the very best. I sometimes idly listen to a recording--and the tenor is striking--and it suddenly dawns on me--that must be Jussi!

I saw him at the Met, and remember thinking: Don't other members of the audience recognize how superlative he is?

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