Monday, April 13, 2009

Jews who are one-sidedly anti-Israel


In response to a letter from a Jew calling me stupid for arguing that anti-Israel people are mostly anti-Semites:

Why Some Jews Are Anti-Israel

To the Editor:

In a shallow letter (April 9) full of misspellings, wrong punctuation, and defective grammar, Tarak Kauff brings up an interesting question. Why are certain Jews (like Kauff himself) one-sidedly anti-Israel?
After all, one almost certainly must be a Jew-hater not to acknowledge that Israel has been seeking peace, giving in to demand after demand from the Arabs, while the Arabs (like that terrorist group known as Hamas) have been determined to eradicate Israel.
Some Jews, undeniably, are one-sidedly anti-Israel. Just as some blacks oppose affirmative action. (Isn’t “Uncle Toms” the word for them?)
Are people like Kauff “self-hating” Jews? Possibly they do “identify with the aggressor,” as Anna Freud put it. But another reasonable explanation is that these Jews are ashamed of being Jewish; they have bought into the vicious stereotypes about Jews, and are bent on proving that they don’t carry all the stigmata of being Jewish. “How can I be a vulgar Jew if I criticize Israel?” Like that young member of the American Nazi party who, years ago, upon being exposed by The New York Times as being Jewish, promptly killed himself.
Still another explanation: These Jews are desperate for attention, to be noticed. I’m beginning to think that getting attention is one of the great human needs, along with food and shelter. Getting attention boosts a person’s self-esteem; it suggests that someone really isn’t one of life’s miserable losers. And for a Jew to one-sidedly criticize Israel is almost guaranteed to get attention, especially if the critic writes to a newspaper and announces that he is Jewish.
Please don’t misunderstand. I am not suggesting that Kauff is a self-hating Jew, or a Jew ashamed of being Jewish, or even a posturing, attention-getting Jew.
He’s that exceedingly rare creature, that anomaly, that lusus naturae…the really dumb Jew.

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