Monday, April 13, 2009

New Restaurant

The waitress said, we're all out of that wine, why don't you try this other wine? It's very good--

But it was more expensive--

It WAS very good--

But I wonder: Does the waitress ALWAYS say "we're out of that wine" to push a more expensive wine?

When I got the bill, it seemed high--and there was no breakdown of the charges--that has never happened to me before--I should have asked for a breakdown, but I tend to be timid--

I've sometimes ordered cabernet sauvignon and gotten a wine that doesn't taste like it--any old red--

I remember, with anger, ordering a drink when I was young, and getting a drink without any alcohol--


Some restaurants, I've noticed, have waiters/waitresses who interrupt and say, sorry to interrupt but...
I'm going to say: Don't be sorry to interrupt--just don't interrupt--

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