Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I am Legend

This movie should have spent less money on special effects and more on script-writing. Predictable and shallow.

Waitress was a gem. Fresh and original in many ways. A tragedy that the director was murdered.

Christmas day: Hard to find even a Chinese restaurant open! But went to a Mid-Eastern restaurant--

Earlier, I went to an old-age place to help out, so employees could take Xmas off, but there were too many volunteers there, and the place was a madhouse--so I Ieft early--

I should write about working in a table factory when I was in high school and college--a friend of mine just told me he knows Bill DeSaussure, whose family owned the factory--we called him Little Bill--his father was WP DeSaussure, his uncle JP--my mother was the business manager there for around 40 years--Little Bill must be in his 80s or 90s--the factory is in Maywood now, but was in West New York when I worked there--

Great news:My son will be working for Harvard-Smithsonian again--either at home or in Cambridge--

Wow, a friend of mine at the Daily Record, Dawn Benko, tells me she was in an auto accident and hurt her spine--life is so unpredictable and arbitrary--

I am so looking forward to teaching a five-part course in the spring on famous singers--I have it mostly planned--two singers in every session, a main one and a secondary one--Rose Ponselle, Richard Crooks, Elis Rethberg, Lawrence Tibbett will be the (four) main ones--

Working on that book for high school students on personal finance--but I haven't received the official contract--I hope the editors don't butcher what I've written--

I should write some New Year's resolutions--like: Lose weight! Exercise more!

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